Treat Your Kids to an Afternoon of Slime

Step up your family outings with a visit to our slime studio

If your family outings are starting to feel repetitive or boring, mix up your routine with a visit to Slime World LLC New York. Your family will get messy and creative cooking up personalized slime in our lab.

Swing by our slime studio in West Nyack to:

  • Create two types of slime with three toppings
  • Participate in our pin certificate program
  • Take memorable photos in our photo booth
  • Check out our original slime pool
Get slimy and have some fun in the process - stop in or give us a call today.

Keep the slime out of your kitchen

Slime can be fun to play with, but a headache to clean up. If your children have been begging to make slime at home, now's your chance to make their wishes come true - without having to scrub your kitchen afterwards. Stop by today to enjoy an afternoon of slimy fun!